Desk Audit Program

Securities Audits

General Ledger Audits

Securities compliance is a complex and burdensome task for both holders and the states.  Audit Services’ proprietary systems and audit methodologies help identify and correct recordkeeping errors, improper application of statutory requirements and unreported issues.  Our highly specialized knowledge, combined with our proven technology, is then used to support the accurate and timely transmission of securities related owner information in a format that can readily be loaded into state systems, as well as facilitate the transfer of the securities to the states’ designated custodian bank.
Audit Services is committed to being the leading provider of general ledger auditing services to the states.  Our team is comprised of highly experienced personnel with both state and private sector accounting experience.  In conjunction with our auditing process, Audit Services uses a complex analytics and research process to help states identify holders with apparent reporting deficiencies.  Once holders are identified and audits are initiated by Audit Services’ clients, a set of comprehensive and thorough procedures are followed to ensure complete, accurate and timely audit completion. ​
Compliance with the states’ unclaimed property laws can be greatly increased by augmenting current state resources with Audit Service’s Contractor Assisted Self Audit Program (CASA). Recognizing that conducting comprehensive audits of hundreds, or even thousands of smaller companies may not be practical or cost effective, Audit Services has developed a process, whereby companies that have failed to report unclaimed property can be identified and comprehensive procedures can be undertaken to support their compliance.  CASA was adapted from similar initiatives implemented by several state unclaimed property programs.