The Leading Provider of Comprehensive Unclaimed Property Compliance Services

Founded in 1997, Audit Services U.S., LLC is the leading provider of comprehensive unclaimed property auditing services to the states. Audit Services has dedicated new resources to reorganize our unclaimed property auditing program, recruited expert managers and consultants, and created an expanded new compliance service offering to better serve our clients.

Why Audit Services Stands Out?
Our team is comprised of highly experienced subject matter experts, including the foremost thought leaders on general ledger auditing and analytics, unclaimed property law and litigation, and securities compliance. Most of our employees have over 20 years of unclaimed property experience and are made up of many former state administrators, audit supervisors, attorneys as well as private sector unclaimed property industry veterans.
How Can Audit Services Help?
Reporting to the states is a complex task. Despite the increased awareness of the obligation to report unclaimed property, many holders still struggle to maintain compliance. In order to support and facilitate greater compliance and to create a more equitable reporting environment, nearly all of the states have chosen to work with Audit Services. Audit Services is available to support solutions that will help your state achieve its compliance objectives.